Julio Zumaya

Manager / Automotive Technician


Actively persuing employment using own over 15 years of experience in the auto repair industry to enhace the companies productivity. Proven to deliver high quality work and excellent customer satisfaction.

Professional Experiences

Owner / Manager / Technician

Roadside Assistance Service inc.

From September 1999 Till April 2011
San Diego - United States

Work in a team capable of increasing productivity with proffessional and quality outcome. Organize the team, maintain job site clean and presentable. Diagnose and repair each vehicle with proffessional tools in a timely manner. Attend walk-in customers and satisfy their needs. Performe roadside assistance services upon customer request if needed. Organize and operate business.

Auto Technician / Mechanic

Jim Mazzeo Mechanical

From July 1996 Till August 1999
San Diego - United States

Diagnose and repair customers automobiles. Using proffessional diagnostic, handheld tools and PC programs if needed to complete repair with upmost outcome.

Educational Background



July 2011


Sweet Water High School

February 2008
United States


Business Management Skills

Maintain an excellent customer satisfaction rate with virtually zero comebacks. Interface professionally and communicate easily with customers, service writer and co-workers; known for integrity and honesty in all customer dealings. Productive in performing automotive diagnostic analysis, repair, and maintenance; work dependable as an automotive technician. Work overtime as needed each week, accurately assess problems and needs and provide adequate information and advice for customer decision-making.




Personal Interests

Roadside Service

Be available on -call to attend any cutomer requesting automotive mechanical needs.

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